Joey Daley spends majority of his week with his mother Molly, but she doesn’t always remember it.

His mom was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia two years ago at the age of 65 and her condition has been getting progressively worse.

After being frustrated at the lack of real life examples of how people deal with dementia, Joey set out to chronicle his own through a heartbreaking video log of his and his mom’s conversations and activities.

“I’ve searched online for the past three four years and all I ever find is doctors narrating and the patients are much older. I haven’t seen anyone [post] real footage following someone with dementia seeing how they handle it and how the caregivers handle it,” he said.

He posts the videos two the three times a week on his Youtube channel Joe Joe where he’s amassed over 40,000 followers and millions of views.

“If one thing can come out of making this videos is I would like to help other people understand what dementia is like and how to deal with it.”

Visit for more information and you can also follow Joey and Molly’s journey on YouTube by clicking on the link below:

Joe Joe – can’t imagine forgetting how to do the small things in life, like brushing your teeth or using a telephone. We hope everyone will learn more about Dementia during …

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