The Benefits of Using Home Care in a Nursing Home Setting

The phone rang again at it’s usual time…11:30 a.m. It was my grandmother’s nursing home calling. She had ended up throwing most of her lunch down on the ground and what little was left ended up on her clothes as she tried to feed herself. She was losing weight and her behavior was getting worse. See, my grandmother has end stage Alzheimer’s disease, so this wasn’t very surprising news. This had been an on-going problem for weeks now. 

The solution to the problem presented itself in no time flat. Grandma needed feeding assistance, but there simply wasn’t enough staff available for someone to sit with her during meal time and make sure she ate her food. That’s when I decided to seek help from Better At Home, LLC to send a caregiver in to assist with this task.

The difference was instantaneous. From the caregiver’s first visit, grandma not only ate all of her food, but asked for second helpings! Within a week, she had gained 5 pounds and was showing signs of interest in partaking of the daily activities planned by the nursing home. Those activities involving music seemed to be her favorites and the caregiver was only too happy to engage her interest!

This extra help at meal times and during activities has made a world of difference in the quality of my grandmother’s life. I am grateful to Better At Home, LLC and the wonderful caregiver who has given her the care she deserves.

—Anonymous (the author of this piece does not wish to disclose their identity)

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